Quality Management Systems

ISO15189 Certified

ISO is the acronym for International Standardisation Organisation. So many laboratories struggle to produce quality results for patient management particularly as a result of lack of a robust quality management system.  Through the visionary efforts of Dr Junior Mutsvangwa, Senior Research Scientist, with support of the late legendary BRTI Director General, Prof. Peter Mason, and the subsequent drive by the vibrant Quality Systems Manager (QSM)/Senior Scientist, Dr Agness Farai Nhidza-Manjoro, BRTI was granted accreditation to ISO15189 effective 30 March 2015 through the joint partnership of SADCAS and SANAS, Accreditation number- MED009. Dr Manjoro is currently heading the BRTI ISO department and is also the SADCAS focal person.

The QSM reports directly to the current BRTI Director General (Dr Shungu Munyatil) and works closely with the Document Controller (DC), Mrs Norah Mushamba. The QSM and the DC also work closely with the various departments to ensure the implementation of ISO 15189. BRTI has an ISO committee made up of the IT manager (Mr Simon Chigeza), Finance and Administration Manager (Mrs Shelter Nyauzame), Laboratory Manager (Mrs Beauty Makamure) and the QSM (Dr. Agness Farai Nhidza-Manjoro) who will be key to the BRTI annual reviews of global documents such as the Quality Manuals, Policies and associated procedures. BRTI also has ISO coordinators in each of its departments and the projects running under BRTI to enhance the smooth implementation of ISO 15189 requirements in each department and projects. A safety committee chaired by Mrs Shelter Nyauzame has also been set up to ensure safety of BRTI employees and its properties. The safety committee is comprised of representations from each of the BRTI departments and projects.

BRTI Road towards accreditation

BRTI undertook a series of awareness, training programs and reviews before engaging an external accreditation body. The flow chart below illustrates the route taken by BRTI to gain accreditation.

BRTI quality management system implementation and maintenance of accreditation

This is a continuous process and includes such activities as internal auditing, management reviews, quality assurance (External and internal), among others. The figure below illustrates the cycle taken by BRTI so far.

What BRTI has Benefited so far from ISO 15189 accreditation

An organised system that has benefited the organisation through, among others,

a. Improved confidence in the organisation resulting in increased research partnerships

b. Improved efficiency and reduced downtime.

c. Improved management of information e.g in Finance resulting in impressive reports from financial audits

Future Plans

a. Going paperless

b. Expanding scope of accreditation in 2019. Lab to incorporate new tests to its scope

c. Strengthening the current laboratory information management system (LIMS) to state of the art technology

d. Incorporation of theory of change system within BRTI through its Monitoring and Evaluation program which is currently stronger in projects.


BRTI ISO department wishes to congratulate the following for climbing higher in the academic arena

a. Dr. Agness Farai Nhidza- The BRTI Quality Systems Manager (PhD)

b. Dr. Junior Mutsvangwa-The BRTI Technical Advisor (PhD)

c. Mrs Beauty Makamure-The BRTI Laboratory Manager (Masters)