As a non-profit making private institution, the BRTI operates as an independent organization with  its  own  structure  and  philosophy as determined  by  a  Board  of  Directors.    Board members are drawn from the scientific, business and philanthropic communities of Zimbabwe. There are five major divisions within BRTI which are; Administration, Finance, Research and Training, Laboratory and Projects. Each division is represented on the Board of Directors.

Mr T. Rwodzi (Territory Senior Partner. Price Water House) – Chairman

Mrs S. Munyati (Director General)

Prof C. J. Shiff (International)

Dr S. Guramatunhu (Director)

Prof L. Zijenah (Scientific Director)

Mr A. Nduna (Finance Director)

Prof L. Gwanzura (Laboratory Director)

Mr C. Samkange (Director)

Prof S.A. Gregson (Director)

The Board  approves  major  expenditures for  core  activities  and  prepares  strategic  and investment  policies  to  ensure  stability  and  growth.  To facilitate good and smooth communication within the organization, there are 6 sub-committees of the Board namely the Management, Scientific, Finance, Laboratory, Marketing, and the International Standards Organization (ISO) 15189/M&E Committees. Reports made by the sub-committees assist the Board to provide focused, timely guidance and monitoring of implementation of the critical operational components of the institute which comprise finances, personnel, core institutional activities (research & training).  BRTI operates separate project dedicated bank accounts for different projects. BRTI subscribes to internationally recognized codes of ethics and research and has its own Institutional Review Board (IRB) which is responsible for ensuring ethical conduct of research and interventions. The IRB is chaired by and comprises  non-BRTI members to ensure non-bias. BRTI’s finance procedures have been examined in previous projects by external funders such as UNICEF, CDC, Global Fund and SADC