About Us

The mission of the BRTI is to promote the health and quality of life of the peoples of Africa through research and training in the field of biomedicine. The institute emphasises the need to establish and maintain the highest levels of quality, professionalism, ethical standards and efficiency in its activities, and publishes these webpages in a spirit of openness and transparency.

We are always happy to welcome partners who can help in making our vision a reality.

Dr Shungu Munyati

Director General, Biomedical Research and Training Institute

Future Prospects

The BRTI has now been in existence for more than 20 years, and has grown remarkably during that time from an institute with a single room office and a staff of just 3 into an organization that manages several million US$ in funding each year, and has a total staff complement (including project-specific staff) of over 150. The strengths of BRTI include the dedication and vision of its Management Board and the commitment, professionalism and motivation of staff in both core activities and in projects and programmes. At its inception the BRTI was dedicated to improving the health of people in southern Africa through support for national and regional scientific endeavours. We believe the best way we can do this is to continue to contribute to research that can provide the evidence needed to implement effective health policy and planning. We value highly the role of national, regional and international partners in achieving our goal and look forward to maintaining existing links and to establishing new ones.

Since independence in 1980, Zimbabwe has been through many difficult times. Economic challenges have impacted negatively on both health and educational sectors, with a decline in many of the indicators of effective delivery of services. The BRTI has not just survived but has grown into a vibrant and strong Zimbabwean institution that has made a significant contribution to health and development. We look confidently to the future, knowing from our past history that the Institute fulfils a vital role in health research and training in the region – responding positively to becoming a Center of Excellence in Health Research and Training.